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Seriously, are you guys trying to put me out of business?

  That was AWESOME!! Thank you SO MUCH Edge Effect!"

Harry Connick  Jr.

some of our clients

What We Do


We entertain.  We engage. We energize. 

With only our voices.


Whether as a general session opener, general session closer, "audience surprise plant", awards ceremony "vocal band" or headline entertainer, The Edge Effect will provide that "WOW!" moment for your event and attendees. 


With audience interaction, energetic performances, a diverse songlist, and customizable content, we guarantee your audience will leave your meeting or event smiling, clapping and ready for whatever tasks are ahead.

How We Work


Come to us with your ideas. We love trying something new!  If we haven't done it yet, we can brainstorm, workshop and create something specific for your audience.  We also have a varied songlist and full length show that has been entertaining audiences on land and sea for some time.  We are always adding new material and if there is something you or your audience wants to hear, we can make it happen! 

Who We Are


We are a collection of All-Star vocalists who have performed on stages throughout the world, each with a unique personality and sound, who have come together to form an amazing vocal experience that must be seen AND heard. 


With over a decade of experience performing for high level clients such as McDonalds, IBM, Walmart, The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios and more, our members combine to bring an unmatched level of ease, professionalism and performance to every event. 

What We Believe


We believe your audience deserves the best. We believe the audience is looking for something fresh and engaging. We believe in treating every audience like it is our only audience. We believe that quality matters. We believe in doing our best to make your budget work. We believe in doing everything on stage and behind the scenes to make your event a success, based on your measurements. 

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